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Having met the stringent FAA requirements, Temecula Balloon Rides has earned the extraordinary privilege of training under the accelerated provisions of FAA Part 141, requiring far less flight time than required in the traditional Part 61.

Those interested in ballooning for sport or competition can earn their Private Pilot Rating in as little as one week (weather permitting) with rates starting at $1,995 in your balloon.

The Part 141 Private Pilot Course includes 25 hours of ground school and 8 hours of personalized flight time with an experienced instructor and is a prerequisite to obtaining a Commercial Pilot Rating.

Those seeking to fly for hire, carry passengers, instruct, or perform advertising flights will want to move up to our Part 141 Commercial Pilot Course. This course includes 25 hours of ground instruction and 10 hours of flight time with an instructor (instead of 35 hours of flight time as required under Part 61). Rates start at $2,495, in your balloon.

For those who already have a Private or Commercial Rating in any type of aircraft, we offer a Part 141 Add-On Rating Course. The requirements are the same as those for the Part 141 Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Course, however no FAA written test is required. The Commercial and Add-On Rating courses can be completed in as little as one weeks time , weather permitting (four days is our record).

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