Our Film Performances

We're in Film!

You may well have seen several of our special effects balloons, inflatable props, blimps or other aircraft in recent movies, TV shows or commercials

Temecula Balloon Rides works regularly with the film industry; designing, constructing and operating special effects and aircraft. We’ve worked on the set of Coach, revved up the engines of the Batmobile and inflated the image of Kingworld Productions in Las Vegas. More recently we’ve worked with MTV on programs like “Senseless Acts of Video”, “Dismissed” and countless others.

Lifetime is also a frequent customer. We perform work involving aircraft and have pilots on staff who are members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

We have our own Special Effects Department and have performed in over 100 TV Commercials, TV shows and a host of major motion pictures. The following are links to some of our latest film projects:

Hyundai 2013 Commercial Magic Mountain

2018 Ford Commercial: Vicky's Hot Air Balloon Ride

Toyota Commercial: The Great Road

Subaru Commercial: Rendezvous

Super Bowl Commercial

CitiBank Commercial

Toys R Us Commercial

Little Debbie Commercial

The Hunting Games

Taco Bell Commercial

Maher Zain Music Video

Ad Council TV Commercial

Mannequin on the Move Movie

Portlandia (No doubt)

Road Rules Season 12: South Pacific

Go Do Adventure

Joe Dirt

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Training

Student Pilot Training